Looking for Love (in all the wrong places)

Mar 17, 2024    Joel Sikha

Proverbs 5 is coming in hot challenging you to guard your heart from the old familiar temptation to indulge in physical intimacy before it is time, and with people that you are never meant to be in relationship with.

But this is not limited to just those who are looking for a relationship or for those who are in a relationship, but it is a warning to all on the attraction of sin and the destruction that sin brings.

In a world that normalizes physical connections, and limits it's morality to respect and consent, the bible take it a step further and clearly shows us the end of the matter of sin. Are you on the brink of destruction because of your choices? Thankfully we have a Savior for all our sin, lets look for love in the right place, and at the ONLY face that matters - Jesus!