Life Group Discussion Questions

Read Philippians 1:1-11 together as a group.

1. On Sunday, Joel talked about essential joy. Do you see a need for joy in your life?

2.  Essential Joy is found in being made right with God. When Paul called himself a saint, it was not because of the things he did for Jesus or because Jesus met him on the road to Damascus. It was because when he accepted Jesus as the Master and Saviour of his life, his priorities changed. Have your priorities changed? Are you using the conviction, courage, and correction of the Holy Spirit to live as a saint or are your comfortable in your sin?

3. Essential Joy begins with grace that brings peace. When you go through times of trouble, what or who do you go after to find peace? Have you found peace with God? Do you find yourself relying on your works instead of the grace of God?

4. Essential Joy is lived out in service to God. When we have joy and peace that comes from God, our joy is multiplied as we share it with others. How can you serve God with the joy that you have? What is the calling He has put on you or who has He called you to reach with his joy?